youtube and satire

Parody law needs an update – stuff.co.nz

The article discusses laws regarding video parodies and whether or not they are harmful to the original work or artist/author.

I think parodies are an important form of expression. They can work in a couple of important ways. One is that they can be used to make an interesting, poignant or important statement about something, such as a political or society-focused parody. In this vein, they can be a way of speaking out or protesting.
In another way, they are simply for entertainment and amusement. There are some really hilarious parodies out there, and it’s a sub-section of comedy that can let us see something in a different light. The Downfall parodies, in particular, take something that’s entirely serious and historical and often turn them into something absurd and humerous, in a way we have never considered. Hitler ranting about not finding Wally.

Personally, I’m more likely to watch a movie after seeing a parody of it. For movies that I have seen and like, it can remind me of why I liked it in the first place, make me want to watch it again, and laugh everytime I think of the parody when compared to the original.

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