core studio 1 – ceramics

The third studio was Ceramics. I hadn’t used clay in quite a few years so it was nice to start using it again, and learn how to throw clay on the wheel.

We started this studio with a simple exercise in making a small figurine of someone in our class, followed by coils. A couple of themes for this studio were ‘sex pots’ and ‘extreme’. I decided to make a large, over-sized mug. I constructed it by creating a large sheet of clay, when I then molded around a cone made from cardboard and newspaper to give it it’s shape. I threw clay on the wheel and made a thick circular base for the mug. The handle I made from a tube, squeezed together in the middle to form a U shape that run up and down the handle. After putting it together, it was time for the kiln, and everything went off without a hitch.
After firing it in the kiln, I started painting it with glaze. Aston and I mixed together a turquoise glaze, which formed the main colour of my mug. I also glazed the other clay models I had made, such as a whale, camera, cat, cups and coil handles.

The second firing wasn’t so successful for the mug, with it partially collapsing in the kiln, due to the weaker area where the body met the base. The glazing turned out quite well, though, and should look good in the garden amongst the flowers.


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