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holga pictures

some more holga pics. i’ve been taking a lot of harbour and stadium photos lately. went to oamaru a couple of weekends ago and took a lot of pictures, and the ones i took on my holga are currently in for developing and printing, so eager to see the results!

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so i’ve had my holga for a short while now, and have gone through 5 rolls of film; two colour and three b&w.

the colour i needed to have developed and printed for me, while the b&w i have been able to develop myself, and i’m in the process of making all the prints i’d like from them.

the first roll (colour) went alright. everything seemed to be the right exposure but there were plenty of light leaks. i think i benefited from it being a 400 iso film as the next colour roll would be 160 and i only managed to get 4 prints from it. oh well, you live you learn.

have scanned in the colour ones and uploaded to my flickr. i’ll get some of the b&w prints up soon, as well as scans of the photos from my other plastic fantastic cameras.






youtube and satire

Parody law needs an update –

The article discusses laws regarding video parodies and whether or not they are harmful to the original work or artist/author.

I think parodies are an important form of expression. They can work in a couple of important ways. One is that they can be used to make an interesting, poignant or important statement about something, such as a political or society-focused parody. In this vein, they can be a way of speaking out or protesting.
In another way, they are simply for entertainment and amusement. There are some really hilarious parodies out there, and it’s a sub-section of comedy that can let us see something in a different light. The Downfall parodies, in particular, take something that’s entirely serious and historical and often turn them into something absurd and humerous, in a way we have never considered. Hitler ranting about not finding Wally.

Personally, I’m more likely to watch a movie after seeing a parody of it. For movies that I have seen and like, it can remind me of why I liked it in the first place, make me want to watch it again, and laugh everytime I think of the parody when compared to the original.

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Video: ‘Cowboy Bebop’ to ‘Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Deaf’

One of my favourite songs with one of my favourite animes – how could I not post this?!
The author has done very well to time parts of the video with the music. Feels like a very fitting song for it as well.

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copyright issues

Issue #1

In 1970 George Harrison released the song ‘My Sweet Lord’. Six years later he was found guilty of copyright infringement, with it being judged that his song plagiarised The Chiffons hit ‘He’s So Fine’ (a fantastic song, as it happens). Harrison was found to have ‘unconsciously copied the tune’.

To me, the songs sound incredibly similar, mainly in the chorus part. They do have differences which separates them from being exact copies, those being mainly instrumental. Overall, they seem to be based on the same musical structure.

As a comparison – 5=exactly the same 4=Very similar 3=Somewhat Alike 2=Barely the same 1=not alike in any way
Melody: 4
Harmony/Chordal Structure: 4
Rhythm: 4
Tempo: 3
Lyrics: 2
Instruments:  2

The songs are very similar in vocals, with the lyrics ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna do it/I’m gonna make him mine/be the envy of all the girls/It’s just a matter of time’ and ‘I really want to see you/I really want to be with you/Really want to see you lord’, and ‘He’s so fine/Wish he were mine/That handsome boy over there/The one with wavy hair’ and ‘My sweet Lord, Hm my Lord/ Hm my Lord’ being very alike in harmony and melody.

They differ mainly in instruments, with My Sweet lord being largely guitar driven, whereas in He’s So Fine the vocals are the main component.

Issue #2

In the 1995 film 12 Monkeys, Bruce Willis’ character is interrogated in a room with a chair raised off the ground. The room in that scene bears a striking resemblance to an artwork by Lebbeus Woods from 1987…

There is no doubt that the drawing by Lebbeus was the basis for this room – admitted even by the director Terry Gilliam. Apart from a couple of differences with what appears to be wires, the chair in both the drawing and movie are the same.

Issue #3

This video was created by Keir Smith in response to the Australian Government’s ‘Fair Use and other Copyright Exceptions: An examination of fair use, fair dealing and other exceptions in the Digital Age’ Issues paper, 2005.

Keir Smith’s video, a remix or montage of popular and iconic media, should not be viewed as ‘illegal’ in the sense of copyright. He is not trying to blatantly pass off others work as his own. Instead, he is using music, video and images to create something new, that uses the source itself and thus is not the same case as Issue #1.
This should be deemed as fair use. It’s not too dissimilar to a DJ mixing two or more songs together, using those songs to create something different.

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recent work

here are some recent photos unrelated to my course.


Tales from a Minolta

As part of my first Photography Studio component at Art School, I needed to use a 35mm film single lens reflex camera.
It had been a while since I used a film camera, about 10 years, and that was a no-frills compact type. Since then I have used digital point and shoots, so getting back to film and using an SLR for the first time was a good deal of fun, though not without problems which I (think I) overcame when the time came to develop my first film.

After staring at Trademe for a few days, I eventually took the plunge and bought a second hand Minolta X-300S, which came with a Tokina  SZ-X 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.6 and  a Sunpak Softlite 1600A flash. After purchasing a 3-pack of Fuji-film 24 exposures, I got started on figuring out how it worked, testing aperture and shutter speeds.

There were a few errors; some under exposed, some over, but I think I got the hang of it by the time I finished the third roll. The main problem by then was having to remember to change the aperture, and not just the shutter speed. My memory, it is bad.

So, here are a few photos of the ones that turned out alright.

I am backdating this entry as a test, also as it happened pre-Art School.

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