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core studio 1 – textiles

In my second studio, Textiles, we visited a talk by Zandra Rhodes and an exhibition called ‘Re-Fibra’ at the Blue Oyster Art Project Space.

For our assignment, we visited second hand stores and chose objects to de-construct and make into new work. I chose two plush toys. One was very bright and had an interesting hairy fabric, but to me felt dull overall, and an elephant dressed for the circus, that looked very worn but well loved.
I removed their stuffing and unstitched them completely, then decided to combine the most interesting external aspects of both dolls to create some new odd-hybrid toy. Rather than refilling it with its original stuffing, I decided to put wire and steel wool inside it, to change the feel of it when squeezed, and adding the ability to mold or pose it.

Some photos of the work in progress, and the final result in various poses: