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core studio 1 – photography

My first specialist studio in semester 1 at Art School was photography, my first preferred subject. I had purchased my first SLR just before the course started, so I had time to figure out aperture, ISO and shutter speed ahead of time.

This was my first time developing film and making prints in a dark room. This seemed quite daunting at first, and my first attempt to load my film onto a reel in the dark took forever as I dropped the film at least a half dozen times before managing to get it on there properly. After that, though, everything went smoothly and my film turned out as good as I could have hoped. Then it was printing time and I soon got the hang of that too, though not without some errors. I had a lot of fun playing with exposure and contrast and quickly lost track of the time spent in the dark room. Still need to work on contrast though as a lot of my images end up in a low-contrast greyscale instead of a nice divisive black and white image.

The subject for presentation was ‘toy and destroy’, which could be interpreted in a number of different ways. I eventually decided to present a sort of timeline, from a toy digger (youth), actual digger (adulthood/career) and finally a scrapheap (retirement/death), as well as a 4th image where I played with ghosting.

I’ve done quite a few more films and prints despite the studio being over; I think I’m somewhat addicted now! Most of my images are of architecture as that is a subject that fascinates me and appeals to me aesthetically in images.


Tales from a Minolta

As part of my first Photography Studio component at Art School, I needed to use a 35mm film single lens reflex camera.
It had been a while since I used a film camera, about 10 years, and that was a no-frills compact type. Since then I have used digital point and shoots, so getting back to film and using an SLR for the first time was a good deal of fun, though not without problems which I (think I) overcame when the time came to develop my first film.

After staring at Trademe for a few days, I eventually took the plunge and bought a second hand Minolta X-300S, which came with a Tokina  SZ-X 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.6 and  a Sunpak Softlite 1600A flash. After purchasing a 3-pack of Fuji-film 24 exposures, I got started on figuring out how it worked, testing aperture and shutter speeds.

There were a few errors; some under exposed, some over, but I think I got the hang of it by the time I finished the third roll. The main problem by then was having to remember to change the aperture, and not just the shutter speed. My memory, it is bad.

So, here are a few photos of the ones that turned out alright.

I am backdating this entry as a test, also as it happened pre-Art School.

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